On time—anytime, every time is what you are looking for in an air-freight service provider. Our customers rely on our expertise and proven support networks in more than 60 countries to deliver your freight where you need it, when you want it there—including remote locations that others cannot reach. Prescott specializes in providing safe, secure, and reliable air-freight solutions to shippers and freight forwarders. Whether your shipping department is large or small, Prescott can be an integral part of your capability to ship and export domestically and internationally. Our versatile, reliable aircraft can land on tens of thousands of runways around the world, most of which are short and unimproved. We provide tailored air-freight solutions for a wide variety of cargo and logistics challenges for small express shipments and large projects.

Our veteran team uses the latest software and technology to link your shipping department with our extensive global network to ensure that your shipments arrive on time—safely, securely, and reliably. No location is off limits to us, and we are available 24/7 to plan, schedule, and monitor every step of your shipment. For over a dozen consecutive years, we have been on the federal government’s list of trusted providers of airfreight services, and we aim to stay there.

We know you have a choice when selecting a partner for your air-freight needs. Prescott Support is a U.S.-certificated, Part 135 On-Demand Air Carrier, and we are held to the highest safety and performance standards in the international aviation industry.