When an earthquake, forest fire, tsunami or hurricane knocks out the infrastructure, overwhelms the response teams, and puts the lives of local people at risk, Prescott brings our culture of safety, proven processes, reliable and versatile aircraft, and experienced teams to help.

When natural disasters strike, the first challenge is to transport your teams, equipment, and critical relief supplies from the major transportation hubs and distribution centers into the field. Our unique fleet requires almost no ground support or infrastructure, and our teams can go in immediately. We are small and agile, and we have years of experience working in these environments: we climbed the learning curve long ago.

Prescott aircraft and crews have been on the scene providing aid and assistance during many of the worst natural disasters. We have a long history of supporting humanitarian assistance campaigns with a sustained, long-term logistics approach. We also have a proven tradition of agile response to unexpected crises and natural disasters when people are struggling for survival. We routinely fly support and outreach missions throughout the underdeveloped world, and just a few short hours after Hurricane Mathew passed through the Caribbean, Prescott aircraft were on the ground in Haiti.

We have learned how to best combine our unique capability to reach short, unimproved airstrips with the experience and innovation of our people to safely, securely, and reliably transport your teams, equipment, and response materials directly to the “X.”